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Ask me anything!   Hey Been a while but though an update is in order , well there is no order to any of this its rants and things that either amuse me or i wanna just re blog haha :P

The future

Now this sounds stupid but i am 100% fed up with my life and everything in it at the moment, Ever since i left school i have been drifting losing friends repeating the same day to day rubbish and now i have had enough, these are not a list of things i want to to or experience but they are things i will Do!

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I just don’t know …

I just don’t know how to feel. My friend is having a rough time and tried to kill himself, work life is appauling, my life is going nowhere, everyone is moving on but me, i miss my grandads more than ever, and i just find this so hard to cope with . So Fuck the judges out there. If i wanna eat more or not go out and stay home. I just want change ! Or at minimum someone to talk to … better still someone who cares for me -_-

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"I had a dream my life would be … so very different from this hell I’m living"
Fantine - Les Misérables
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Wanna know why I get jealous when people are around you. It’s because I have liked you for so long and wanna be with you and it kills me that I never will. -_-

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there’s a light on top; do you need to change the bulb?

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.. How can anyone say no to his pretty eyes? o.o

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